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Below is a list of some of the lesions that we treat:

Skin tags (acrochordons)

These small fleshy growths are harmless and can vary in size, usually starting off at 1-2mm but can gradually grow to be 5mm. They can appear flat or pedunculated, meaning they protrude away from the skin, attached by a mushroom-like neck. Skin tags are usually found in areas that are prone to friction such as the underarms, neck, groin and underneath breasts.

Milia/Milk spots

Sometimes referred to as milk spots, milia are small hard white or yellow-ish bumps, usually found on the face. They are an accumulation of sebum(oil), Keratin and dead skin cells, that have become trapped beneath the skin and hardened but Keratin(protein). These lesions are often found on the upper and lower eyelids and cheeks.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

They are small bumps found on the face, typically on the forehead and temples. They are caused by an overproduction of sebocytes (sebum producing cells), which then causes the sebaceous gland to swell, forming a small donut-like, slightly raised ring, with an indented center.

Cherry angiomas/Blood spots (also known as Campbell de Morgans)

These lesions are also sometimes referred to as blood spots as they are small, bright red or pink, mole-like growths which can be flat or raised. They are caused by a collection of dilated capillaries that have pooled together and commonly found on the neck and torso, on people aged 30 and over.

Facial thread veins & Spider Naevus

Thread veins are very common and most often seen on paler skin tones although can affect darker skin types too. A thread vein is a vessel that has broken away from the main vascular network and although still contains blood, is just a dead end. Often, before a vessel breaks, it may become dilated and therefore becomes visible form the surface of the skin.

A spider Naevi is a small vascular lesion which can be seen just beneath the surface of the skin and takes the appearance of a spider, with a red pool informing the center, and smaller legs branching away from the middle right around. These lesions are can be caused by minor trauma to the area such as a pinch or a hard flick.

All of these vascular conditions can be treated by electrolysis however, this method is more suited to veins on the face.

Mole Hairs

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN)

These small brown/black lesions take the appearance of smooth, little moles, and range from 1-5 millimeters in size. There will usually be several of these lesions in the area and although the cause is unknown, they often are thought to be due to an over-activity of melanocyte cells (pigment producing cells). They are usually found on the face, neck, arms and torso on darker skin types such as skin Fitzpatrick types 5 & 6.

Seborrheic Keratosis/Senile Warts

These benign lesions start of small, but can grow over time, and where there is more than 1, they can become adjoined. The colour can vary but are most often light of dark brown. Affecting mainly middle aged and mature men and women, they can be found on the face, chest, back and shoulders.


Syringomas are growths that form in the sweat glands. They are due to an over production of cells in the sweat duct, leading to the development of a bump. Usually found in clusters, they are flesh colored, or can have a white/yellowish tinge, and most often found beneath the eyes and cheek bone area. In some cases, they are present in other areas that are more prone to sweating.

There are other less common lesions that can be treated by advanced electrolysis technique so if you are unsure if you can be treated, and have been told that it is a cosmetic issue rather than medical, please book a free consultation with us.

Mediclear Advanced Cosmetic Procedures provides a cosmetic service only; to improve the overall appearance of the skin. If you have any concerns about a lesion that you have, or have been experiencing discomfort from it, please see your GP or Dermatologist first. Any suspicious lesions will not be treated as these may require medical treatment and during your consultation with us, you will be declined treatment and advised to see your Doctor.

For the removal of lesions, prices are as follows:

  • £75 up to 15 minutes
  • £120 up to 30 minutes
  • £150 up to 45 minutes
  • £195 up to 60 minutes

Post Laser hair removal treatment

If you have completed a course of laser hair removal treatments and now have hair growth that is too light or sporadic to continue with laser, we can also treat this as well.

Above prices apply for pay as you go sessions

Hair removal package of 3

  • £215 for 3 sessions of up to 15 minutes
  • £340 for 3 sessions of up to 30 minutes
  • £430 for 3 sessions up to 45 minutes
  • £565 for 3 sessions up to 60 minutes